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How to Use iPhone 11 Live Wallpapers iPhone 11 Pro Max


How to Use iPhone 11 Live Wallpapers iPhone 11 Pro Max

How to Use iPhone 11 Live Wallpapers iPhone 11 Pro Max - Our iPhone 11 beginners guide for a cool new live wallpaper for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro further iPhone 11 HD Live wallpapers for iPhones background collection inside live wallpapers available to download also the app, then set a iPhone live wallpaper as a lock screen & enjoy by follow the how to guide instructions below in our tutorial.

How to Use iPhone 11 Live Wallpapers iPhone 11 Pro Max

Live Wallpapers on iPhone
To use "Live Wallpapers on iPhone" you must set up your iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 settings.


How do I use live wallpaper on iPhone 11?
Live Wallpapers on iPhone

Here our iPhone Ultimate Guide:

After in the Settings app, select Wallpaper, Choose a New Wallpaper

Now it's time to pick up a Live iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro the liquid metal look great and get an update rolls out.

Finally, Tap Set. This settings to apply wallpaper on your Lock screen, Home screen or both.
Choose Live on the right hand side as shown on this halamankuhalamanmu, or choose from your own Live Photos.

Tap + hold your screen to see the Live wallpaper displayed.

Leave Live Photos turned on when you close the app.

How to Use Live Wallpapers on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

How to turn off Live Photos?

To turn off Live Photos iPhone 11, tap the yellow circle at the top of the Camera apps interface, turning it white. Live Photos are now disabled.

Here the iPhone 11 Pro manual to make sure it's disable:

1. Swipe and open the Settings app.

2. Choose Camera.

3. Tap Preserve Settings.

4. Toggle on the Live Photo setting, set turned off.

How to Custom Wallpaper


You can personally or download wallpaper images games PubG maybe through such iOS apps Wallpaper 4K HD Wallpapers, and Dynamic wallpapers & themes, and from any websites by follow iPhone 11 tutorial below:

Tap on the image on the website

Tap on the iOS Share icon

Select the option to Save Image.

Open your Photos app and swipe to the image you just saved.

Tap on the Share icon and select the option to Use as wallpaper.

Hope you can get a new Lock Screen or Home Screen, and latest iOS wallpaper on your new iPhone display. Advertisement