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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Error


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Error

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Error - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is designed to make the users amazed. With its glorious screen, excellent camera in any limit light, water resistant, excellent battery life, and the Note 7 S Pen. It sounds so appealing for a phablet. With 64GB storage + micro SD slot, it is expected to give more space for storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Error

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Stuck
This stylish phone is still far from being perfect. You still find something gone wrong when you are using it. Here are several errors often happen to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

a. Insufficient Storage Available
One of the common Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Error is when there is an error notification stated about insufficient storage available. This notification usually appears when your phone’s internal memory drops too low. You cannot perform even the basic of functions on the Note 7 without appropriate amount of memory available. But no worries, we have some tricks and tips to help you free up space and get the Note 7 back to its optimal performance. Do the following steps:
  1. From the home screen, tap Menu button.
  2. Tap Settings>Applications>Manage Applications
  3. Tap the Menu button, sort the applications by size, displaying the larger ones at the top of the list.
  4. Tap an application and if the option is available, tap Move to SD Card. Allow a few moments for the application to be moved.
  5. Tap “clear cache” and “clear data”, if either or both options are available, and then allow a few moments for the device to erase any unnecessary remnants of the app that are still in your phone’s internal memory.
  6. Press the “Back” button to return to your list of installed applications.
If the available space on Samsung Note 7 is still insufficient, clear text messages. You can choose the messages to be deleted. Choose messages which contain images or videos by tap and hold the messages until it is checked, and then tap the other messages you wish to delete and then tap delete. To get the Note 7 more space, you can also delete the call log. Firstly, tap the “Phone” icon on your home screen. After that tap “call log”, press the menu button and then tap delete all. This steps help you get more space for the Note 7 internal memory.

b. Error Message
An Error Message on Note7 It is not impossible for you to see an error message stating “Not registered on network”. When this error message appears, it means that you cannot make any calls or even send an SMS message. This error message usually caused by some common problems, such as: SIM card is not detected correctly, mobile network error or Android system error. to figure out the problem, try to do some simple experiment. First, use the SIM removal tool to take out the SIM card from the Note 7. Especially when you use a SIM card adapter, it is possibly the SIM card isn’t in proper position. Then if the SIM card position fits like normal, check to see if an error is coming with your current mobile network. If the mobile carrier has failed, you cannot do activities dealing with mobile network services.

c. Error 923
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Error
On Samsung Note 7 error 923. This error mostly occurs when downloading or updating apps from Google Play Store. You probably see another kind of error like Error 492, which is actually similar with Error 923. When you experience such error problem, try the following solutions:
1. Clearing cache and data
It is possible that Google Play Store Cache on your phone cause Error 923. That’s why for the first step you are recommend to clear cache and data of your Google Play Store app. Do as follow: Settings > Application Manager > Google Play Store > Clear Cache & Data. For additional, you may need to clear the Play store service’s cache and data by performing the steps above. After performing the steps above, reboot the phone and then try to download or update the app again.
2. Uninstalling Google Play Store
You can try to fix the error by uninstalling the Google Play Store and then after a few moments, try to reinstall it. after reinstalling the Google Play Store, try to download or update again. Hopefully it helps you fix the Error 923.

There might be many more errors happen to the Note 7. When you get stuck or any error, please let us help you find the solution to fix it by sending every detail of your error of the Note 7 so that we have all needed information to figure out the way out. Advertisement