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Pokemon Go Gather Poké Balls, Potions & Eggs


Pokemon Go Gather Poké Balls, Potions & Eggs

Pokemon Go Gather Poké Balls, Potions & Eggs - read here Pokemon Egg tutorial. Play and catch to win. Improve and update your level.
Pokemon Go Tutorial Gather Poké Balls, Potions & Eggs
  1. Visit PokéStops to gather Poké Balls and other items. You’ll find PokéStops in the world near public art, unique architecture, or public gathering places.
  2. On your Map View, PokéStops are represented by blue squares. When you’re close enough to a PokéStop to search it, the box on top of the blue square will open.
  3. Spin the Photo Disc to gather items.

Pokemon Go Gather Poké Balls, Potions & Eggs

Pokemon Go Gather Poké Balls, Potions & Eggs
To find out what items you have, touch the Main Menu and then the Bag while in Map View.
Incubators and hatching Pokémon Eggs

When gathering items at PokéStops, you may find a Pokémon Egg. Place the Egg in an incubator, and the Egg will hatch into a Pokémon as you walk.

Pokemon Go To hatch an Egg Tutorial :

  1. In the Map View, touch the Main Menu
  2. Touch Pokémon
  3. At the top of the screen, touch the word Eggs.
  4. Select one of your Eggs
  5. Touch Start Incubation
  6. Select an incubator to use on your Egg
  7. Walk to hatch the Egg
  8. Each Egg displays the number of kilometers you must walk for the Egg to hatch. In general, the more kilometers required, the rarer the Pokémon that will hatch. A notification will appear when the Egg has hatched.

Tip: Make sure you have the Pokémon GO app open while you walk. Kilometers walked when the Pokémon GO app is closed won’t count toward hatching your Eggs.

An incubator can only hold one Egg at a time. To incubate and hatch multiple Eggs at the same time, you can purchase additional incubators in the shop.

Pokemon Go Tutorial Level up and earn badges

Pokemon EggCatch as many Pokémon as you can to earn Experience Points (XP) and increase your Trainer level. Each capture awards XP based on the kind of Pokémon caught, whether you’ve caught that Pokémon before, and the accuracy of your throw.

Touch your Pokemon avatar in the lower left corner of the Map View to see your level, and scroll down to see your achievements. Earn additional Badges by hitting milestones in each category. For example, this Trainer needs to walk about 6.5 more kilometers to earn the bronze Travel Badge. and register 33 more Pokémon to her Pokédex to earn the silver Pokédex Badge. Advertisement