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How to Make a Simple Minimalist Vertical Garden


How to Make a Simple Minimalist Vertical Garden

How to Make a Simple Minimalist Vertical Garden - How do I make a simple vertical garden minimalist yourself at home using herbs, or species of ornamental plants dinging, not difficult to find at this time of growing media suapa can follow a simple way to make a vertical garden minimalist home. by halamankuhalamanmu

How to Make a Simple Minimalist Vertical Garden

Urban area is synonymous with the high value of land. This led the city to be more creative and innovative in mensiasati and managing the environment in a home or in an office area. Instinctively, humans have a high interest towards nature so much as might be seeking weeks to bring the natural elements into their lives. One of the elements of nature that is often used in vent 'longing' for nature in the form of good plant stands alone as individuals or in groups with the composition of the park.
Limitations of land outer space causes the home page or even office becomes narrow and very limited. But this did not dampen the limited land city residents to display the garden so that the atmosphere of the home / office more 'green' and cold. One concept of the park is currently booming and the attention of the wider community is the use of a vertical garden or sometimes called vertical garden. Vertical garden itself is an extension of verticultural already widely applied in Indonesia to grow vegetables on the planting medium soil (or other medium) in a pot or container are laid out vertically. Especially for vertical garden is made with ornamental plants accompanied by a layout design is gorgeous and lovely adjust the shape of the room All around us are many who can be used to create simple minimalist own vertical garden in your home use flowering ornamental plants or medicinal plants. How to make a simple vertical garden with ornamental plants minimalist house wall with a low cost you can make it happen with your own creativity. In how to make a vertical garden minimalist simplicity you have to do is as follows:
  1. Determine the planting medium any, examples of vertical planting medium from a bottle of mineral water or used items that are not used. Material above is as a growing medium in making a vertical garden at home minimalist wall using ornamental plants or medicinal plants.
  2. Determine in making a vertical garden simple minimalist home alone, plant species vertical gardens or vertical ornamental plants or plant wall that will be used.
  3. Prepare all the tools to create a vertical garden simple minimalist home alone like, Knives Cutter : to cut a hole in a used aqua bottles media that we will use as a growing medium in a simple way to make a vertical garden minimalist home alone, Hammer or Hammer, nails: To hang growing media when you have finished or finished making plant media wall for the simple minimalist vertical garden.
  4. 4. Once everything was ready to enter the chaff into the bottle along a simple minimalist vertical ornamental plants that have finished or ornamental plants and medicinal plants walls you have chosen.

Simple Minimalist Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden with ornamental potted plants arranged vertical
The desire to have a high vertical garden which is supported by the knowledge of the construction is still at least a vertical garden make this concept appreciated very expensive on the market, even some manufacturing services company vertical garden set prices more than $2 per square meter. The high price of this sometimes makes consumers shriveled so the desire to show the garden in the land the house / office is cramped to be delayed even not so.

Costly construction manufacture vertical garden can not be separated from some of the materials that are still imported from abroad, especially material which is module. However, to display the vertical garden, the module system is not the only system that can be applied to enhance your home / office. There are several other systems that can be applied depending on the extent of the walls were 'planted' and the types of plants that will be displayed so much cheaper and affordable.

System modules are made from the manufacturer.
Vertical garden system is the most inexpensive and easy to use actually is to use a good bag system made of sheets of natural textile filter or screen material. This material is used because of its can withstand the growing media but still can penetrate water to the irrigation system media. Bag system could be made in a machine with a special sewing machine thicker materials (eg fabric tarpaulins jeans or sewing machine) or by hand sewing system. Shows the system is a special sewing machine for vertical garden area is relatively small.

To the extent that a wider vertical garden, with a sewing machine bag system is less practical when construction so much easier with the manual system. Manual sewing materials for wide bag system could use for strings (fishing line) with a rope diameter strings are large enough (material sea fishing line). The construction vertical garden with a bag system for large areas and long. In this construction in addition to the use of materials and materials stringed also the skeletal system behind the bags are made. The most powerful material is by using reinforced concrete with a minimum diameter of 12mm are made as net bars connected by welding. Besides iron can also be used with the construction Galvalum bullion C which is also designed as nets. Determining the size of the material used and the distance is determined the extent of the vertical garden, the more extensive course load will be heavier and construction should be made stronger.
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Construction stage vertical garden system manual sewing pockets are as follows:
Calculate the area of ​​a wall to be covered with vertical garden, the higher the area, the rear frame construction materials made bigger and stronger.
Connect the frame on a wall to be covered, especially the select portion of the wall in the form of reinforced concrete
sheet material screen / filter natural textile form pockets with a certain distance (spacing depending on the small plants).
Sew pockets with large fishing line material at each meeting of the amplifier construction on the back (at the meeting of the trunk vertical-horizontal), forming pockets that much and length.
Enter drip irrigation system pipe so tightly bound in a knot in the string section.
Enter a planting medium into pockets formed
Planting ornamental plants according to the desired design into the bag who had given media. Note the choice of plants, adjust the terms to grow plants with vertical garden site conditions (the needs of light, water, etc.)
Give fertilizer plants both in the media and can be included in drip irrigation. Irrigation can be created automatically by timer or manually Good luck, good luck green home / office with your creative and innovative